In business, protecting the environment is inherently intertwined with sustainability. We take our commitment to the environment seriously. Our approach starts with a clear vision from our leaders, supported by consistent policies and practices that place the environment at the core of the business. This is supported by a substantial investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing and environmental controls, modern infrastructure, and product and process innovation. The end result is sustainable products made responsibly and efficiently.


Protecting the Environment for Generation to Come

M&H Valve is committed to a clean environment, today and for generations to come.  M&H continues to invest in capital improvements and operations related to environmental protection.  These expenditures include projects such as state-of-the-art air pollution control systems, stormwater collection and treatment systems, and other equipment upgrades intended to protect the environment.


Environmental Management System

The McWane, Inc. EMS provides all facilities with a consistent platform for identifying and managing environmental activities efficiently to achieve governmental and company standards.


Pollution Prevention

Through our own environmental initiatives and the principles of the McWane Way, M&H Valve prioritizes preventing pollution before it begins. This means consistently exploring and implementing innovative and more efficient manufacturing procedures that value every resource while protecting our surrounding environment and community.  Pollution prevention strategies are central to M&H Valve's environmental protection efforts.  Success in Pollution Prevention has changed the way we think and has served as the hallmark of our efforts towards sustainability and environmental stewardship.


Environmental Excellence

Our M&H facility located in Anniston, Alabama, utilizes state-of-the art environmental technologies and infrastruction.  In addition to producing our products through sustainable manufacturing practices, we continue to improve our plant with innovative upgrades that will allow us to continue making high-quality products while ensuring that our community is safe for generations to come.