In joining the M&H Valve team, each employee has made a commitment to act ethically and to lead with integrity. This commitment is imbedded in the McWane Way, and demonstrated by the McWane Way Compass. Our Code of Ethical Conduct in the Workplace shows us how to uphold this commitment as we interact with the various groups that have a stake in our Company’s values.

Code of Conduct

McWane is committed to the ethical conduct of all team members, whether they are part of the management team or the manufacturing team.

The glory of business is not to make money out of it alone, but to make progress in it, to develop men and methods and products to improve the state of the art.

J. R. McWane

The McWane Way Compass

The McWane Way ensures higher levels of safety and environmental performance in all our operations. It also improves communications, relationships, and work performance at all levels of our organization. At McWane, we use the McWane Way Compass to guide our team members on eight core principles.